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Everyone Is Entitled to Healthy Eyes & Education

We’re just going to say it: eye care and education should be a fundamental right worldwide. Dr. Mastores is an active volunteer for Volunteer Optometric Services for Humanity (VOSH) and Live and Learn AZ

  • VOSH is a non-profit organization that provides eye care services to people who cannot obtain them nor afford them. 
  • Live and Learn AZ empowers and educates women who have been impacted by poverty and violence.

Dr. Mastores wouldn’t be where she is today without the experience and insight she has gained from these reputable non-profit organizations—for that, she is grateful. She continues to give back whenever and however she can.

For VOSH, Dr. Mastores has completed several eye care missions globally, including in Ecuador, Mexico, West Indies, and Cameroon. In fact, she and her husband Mikey got married during a mission in Grenada, West Indies, in 2017—that’s how impactful these VOSH missions are to her.

For Your Inspiration

If you feel so inclined, please consider donating to VOSH or Live and Learn AZ, so they can continue to provide eye care, empowerment, and education to those who are not granted access.

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