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What Is Digital Eye Health?

So many of us spend much of our days in front of a computer or laptop. Then, to unwind after the workday, we gaze at a digital screen again to binge the latest TV trend. Unfortunately, all this screen time can cause an eye condition known as digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. 

Blink Eye Care Phoenix is skilled in dealing with digital eye strain and can help you on your way back to optimal eye health. Visit us for an eye exam so we can assess your condition and guide you to a personalized remedy.

Screen Yourself for Digital Eye Strain

You’re viewing this on a digital screen right now. Do you have a headache? How’s your posture? Do us a favor, and check in with yourself and assess whether any of the following digital eye strain symptoms sound familiar to you:

  • eye strain
  • headaches
  • blurred vision
  • dry, itchy, or red eyes
  • neck, shoulder, or back pain

And, what causes the symptoms to emerge?

  • keeping poor posture when viewing a digital device
  • not blinking as often as normal
  • holding a digital device at a distance too far or too close to your eyes
  • being exposed to extended amounts of blue light
  • viewing a screen that doesn’t have adequately adjusted lighting

How Can I Protect My Digital Eye Health?

The effects of digital eye strain are a nuisance, but fortunately, you can incorporate some preventive measures to lessen the effects of prolonged screen time.


Neurolens is a specialty prescription lens that uses contoured prisms to bring the eyes into alignment. This technology can alleviate headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and eye strain that many people experience when using digital devices, reading, or concentrating for long periods of time.

The more our devices are integrated into our daily lives, the more likely we are to experience symptoms of eye misalignment. Contact us today to get a consultation.

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An easy and effective way to find relief from digital eye strain stems from this simple 20-20-20 rule. Simply put, take a break from your screen every 20 minutes to gaze at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Easy, right? Try it now!

Okay, we admit, this advice holds importance across the health spectrum, and it’s not exclusive to your eye health. Even so, it’s worth mentioning that certain foods, supplements, and staying hydrated can support healthy eyes. And aiming for at least 7 solid hours of sleep to allow your eyes to replenish and be refreshed for the next day. Also, try to turn the screens off at least an hour before you hit the hay.

If you are able to customize your workspace, prop your monitor or laptop to just below eye level. Additionally, it should sit 20 to 26 inches away from your face. You don’t want to be hunched over or straining your neck to view your screen. An ergonomic office setup can help prevent strain on your eyes and body.

The air quality where you work or watch TV can play a role in eye strain. A humidifier can add moisture to your atmosphere and decrease eye dryness. If you have to, change seats to avoid sitting next to fans and vents that direct air towards your eyes and face. And, do your best to avoid smoking or being exposed to secondhand smoke—it can irritate your eyes further.

Seek Help From the Pros

If you normally work from a computer or laptop, the chances are high that you experience some signs of digital eye strain. 

We can assist you in preventing headaches and eye irritation, so you can perform better at your job and maintain optimal eye health.

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